Adrienne Foreman

Hello! I am a writer, editor, and educator based in Austin, Texas. I have a Ph.D. in English, and I enjoy multi-part projects that involve critical analyzing and planning. I love the challenge of digesting and synthesizing information in order to create new content and share it with a wider audience.

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Research is the first step of my writing process, whether I'm writing for websites, creating a presentation, or developing a training program. I gather information about the history, the context, and the audience of my work. I'm always entering into existing conversations, so I need to collect as many of those conversations as I can.


The second step of my writing process is analyzing my research. In order to produce powerful content, I must understand the conversations surrounding it. I discern which parts of my research are useful and why, and I interpret that information as effectively and efficiently as possible.


I start drafting during the first stage of my writing process, but the last step of the writing process is producing the final draft. I revise and edit the content in order to make it clean, clear, appropriate, and polished. Good writing requires critical thinking and a strong attention to detail.